The data

Data comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we've seen it all. Where your data comes in a long or wide format, big or small, clean or dirty, compressed or uncompressed, collated or dispersed - the maximum information possible will be extracted.


One of the initial objectives that our consutlants will establish is whether the data-mining that you require will be primarily explorative (uncovering unknown intelligence) or confirmatory (adding weight to pre-existing beliefs). A combination of both may result, but either way the end goal of uncovering new insights and Intel will be attained. Regardless of data size, we will apply the right approach and the right tools to extract information during the deep dive.

Insight Reporting

After conducting the initial scoping and the deep dive analysis we will present a detailed report with our findings using the best visualisations to uncover your data and include recommendation as to next steps

Predictive Modelling

Models driving insight

Building a predictive model about how a process will behave in the future is easy- to do so accurately is not. Our consultants are experienced in the skill of model building and will ensure that your models make the most of your historical data in predicting future events. We apply the right approaches at the right time and implement the right diagnostics on the right models. Key to a good model is relevant clean input data - we put quality in in order to get quality out. We can ensure that your model output gets to the heart of your business process in a timely manner.

Rapid prototype development

In a short space of time we can get you from raw data to predictive model in production. If you dont have a data science team - we make sure you have predictive ability from your data.

Risk Modelling


Risk modelling Unfortunately - we dont live in a deterministic world and components to our business processes arent always fixed. To help with the decision-making process we can simulate different scenarios and generate a distribution of outcomes for your processes helping you make the optimal decision under uncertainty. Whether its market prices, supply, demand, failure rates, growth rates, weather or any other uncertaity - we can include these factors in a model of your business to generate a distrubtion of potential outcomes.