Intelligence & Visualisation


Dashboard Development

Ensure that your end-users get the right information presented in the best way. Let our consultants develop intelligent and insightful dashboards for your business to not only view but also interact with. Integrate internal data with external data sources for and enriched view of all activity.

Backend development

Integrate your enterprise datawarehouse with the Qlik frontend using advanced SQL queries. Use a QVD layer to structure the load process when dealing with large volumes of data. Let our consultants build the right schema to optimise dashboards for speed and performance.

Infrastructure and Server Management

To get the most from your Qlik experience infrastructure with the right processing power and more importantly memory specifications is required. Let us guide system management for 100% availability and administer licences correctly for your end-users.


Dashboard Development

Let our consultants bring your metrics and KPI's to life with insightful dashboards and visualisations. Blend data from internal and external sources to streamline high performance processes and key business decisions. Understanding your business needs is key - let us deliver the information you need with impact.

Infrastructure and Server management

Get your business up and running with Tableau server in days. Let us help integrate Tableau server with the internal ETL process and data sources. We can ensure that the server is optimised for maximum performance and the right security rules are applied. Let us ensure you can leverage the power of analytics tools such as R with Tableau for your business.



If you are already leveraging the power of R then you will appreciate the power that RShiny can unleash for your business. Let us build insightful dashboards for deployment within your network in a short-time. Driven by your business requriements - we will make sure that you business has visibility in all areas in real-time.

Real-time dashboards

Using tools such as D3.js and traditional server side scripting we can produce interactive dashboards to visualise your business processes in real-time. Accessible anywhere, the information you need will always be available whatever the time or device.

Automated alerts

Key to any business is delivery of information via KPIs and dashboards, but sometimes you might need more bespoke alerts or reporting to team or key set of individuals. We can develop a solution to ensure you are are informed, when it matters.